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Introduction of TAdviser Software

The data obtained by the instrument can be plotted and calculated in real time, and can be output to other software for subsequent applications. The important core functions are as follows:

Automatic zero point search function

The main function of the "automatic zero search function" is to measure the distance between the probe tip and the base. Through the height calibration function, the instrument can be disassembled and carried, and can be used with different types of accessories for sample analysis.

Force calibration

For the loadcell, the slope will change slightly with the environment and usage time. Before each use, force calibration is performed to ensure the traceability of the loadcell. Users use third-party verification standard weights for calibration of the slope. Only the intercept is adjusted with each zeroing. Make sure the data is accurate.

Export of curves, original data, and calculation results

The original data is drawn through the software and the results are automatically calculated. Curve, Raw Data, and Result can be exported to graphic files and Excel.

Calculation results

When the experiment is completed, a plot is obtained from the raw data. After the drawing is completed, the software automatically calculates the data. It can calculate positive maximum value, positive area, negative maximum value, negative area, etc., and can add new calculation items according to user needs.

Texture analyzer software interface TAdviser


The Y-axis coordinate is force (gf), the X-axis coordinate is time (sec), and the up and down movement of the probe can be controlled by the buttons on the right.


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