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How to obtain reliable experimental data

The most important purpose of texture analysis is to obtain a plan for improving product quality. This plan includes several parts:

  1. Sample processing: Including sample preparation, sampling method, sample quantity, etc.
  2. Select the appropriate probe/fixture and test conditions: probe type, material, size, fixture type, appropriate action mode and setting of various detailed parameters.
  3. The obtained curves are analyzed to obtain highly relevant texture parameters: Texture parameters that can reflect product quality are obtained through various technologies such as graphical analysis tools based on the obtained curves.
  4. The texture parameters are further processed to reflect product quality: The obtained texture parameters are further used to establish a highly relevant numerical evaluation for product quality, and the results are used as product quality indicators, which can further become a reliable inspection tool for R&D and quality control.

How to get correct data

There are many companies or research units that have invested a lot of effort in this field and developed the special detection methods they need. However, the inspections of general products are mostly available in many references. If you have any related needs, please contact your nearest supplier. Almost all suppliers are capable of handling the problems you encounter.


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