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Stress and Strain

When an object is subjected to an external force, its height will change, and resistance will appear during the change. The function of resistance is to resist deformation. If the external force is too large, the object cannot return to its original shape. Before reaching its limit, the external force will be equal to its own resistance, but in the opposite direction.

When the sample is subjected to excessive external force, the maximum force it can carry, although the external force has disappeared, the sample itself still cannot return to its original shape.

This characteristic can be used as a description of an object's reaction after being subjected to force. We can use such results as a basis for judging the texture characteristics of objects.

stress & strain Graphical description of Stress and Strain

Stress = F / A, the force value per unit area.

Strain% = Δ L / L, the percentage of the changed length to the original length.


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