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Staff SUN HAI LIN 孫海麟
  • Name:Samuel Sun (Principal)
  • Education : Master of Agricultural Chemistry, NTU
  • Mobile:+886-937-592-068
  • Tel(1):+886-3-381-9203 Fax(1):+886-3-381-9338
  • Tel(2):+886-4-2631-7421 Fax(2):+886-4-2291-0293
  • Email:sam@horninstr.com.tw
  • The professional staff of Texture Analzyer has accumulated many years of experience in sales, production, application, etc., with design probes (Probes & Fixtures), writing software and firmware and other instrument design and production capabilities.

  • Tony Nano Co., Ltd. was established in July 2009 in the Republic of China and was established in Taichung City. Business items include general instrument manufacturing and precision instrument retailing.
  • In June 2012, we began selling elga pure water and ultrapure water related equipment. (discontinued)
  • Since November 2012, it has been selling Hibit and VITLAB products from Taiwan Haibot. (discontinued)
  • The Taoyuan Office will be added from January 2013, at the intersection of Pilot South Road and North Rail Road.
  • In March 2013, www.tonynano.com.tw web traffic reached 100MB (months).
  • In July 2013, the installation and acceptance of the nanoparticle collection device passed.
  • The food texture analyzer was manufactured in December 2013.
  • First instrument delivery and acceptance of food texture analyzer in May 2014.
  • Stop selling multiple products in June 2014, reposition the sales direction, and modify the content of the website.
  • Started sales of soil moisture tension meter (IRROMETER related products) in July 2014.
  • In January 2015, it was renamed Changhong Instrument Development Co., Ltd. (Tony Nano Co., Ltd. has been discontinued)
  • Changed English name to Horn Instruments Co., Ltd. in April 2015
  • The change URL in June 2015 is http://www.horninstr.com.tw
  • The UniversalTA® Texture Analyzer was launched in April 2016.
  • Started sales of the RapidTA® special texture analyzer in May 2016.
  • In December 2016, UniversalTA® and RapidTA® became registered trademarks and were used in two texture analyzers.
  • In 2017, an office was set up at Jiafeng 10 Road in Hsinchu High-speed Railway Station (already abolished).
  • In October 2017, the UniversalTA® texture analyzer broke through 10 sets/year.
  • Started sales in December 2017 TDMachanic® tap density meter.
  • The iDealTA®Texture Analyzer was launched in September 2018.
  • In November 2018, the company moved to Taoyuan Office, located at Qingfeng Road, Dayuan Park, Taoyuan City.

  • Establish brands of own instruments.
  • Achieve the wealth freedom life of very member.
  • Assist customers in developing specialized instruments and equipment.

  • In response to the government's southbound policy, if people from Southeast Asian countries come to Taiwan to study and are interested in instrument sales, they can come to me to study first. I can pay my salary and become my agent when I return home.(2019/12/19)
  • I am looking for foreign distributors who are interested in my products, I will be happy to answer any questions.(2019/12/24)

Horn Instruments Co., Ltd. Tax ID number 53070335

8F., No.213, Sec. 2, Qingfeng Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 337, Taiwan.
TEL:+886-3-3819203  FAX:+886-3-3819338 Email: sam@horninstr.com.tw

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